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    show week to date, month to date, and year to date in a cross tab

    Tim Lee

      Good afternoon!


      I am make a cross tab which shows for a date selected what the

      1) number of leads were that week

      2) how many leads were made in that month so far

      3) what is the current 6 week average of those leads


      The output I am trying to make is something like the below.


      As at 15 Sep 2013 ...

      RegionCurrent WeekMonth To Date6 week average
      Region 1123150100
      Region 256710001200


      I have written measures to take care of the lead volumes for current week, month to date, and the 6 week average - but my question is --- can I show just the data for one day using a date selected in a parameter? Whatever I try I loose data from the periods being selected in the windows_avg or windows_sum fields or simply all of my dates dissappear...


      I have attached a sample book with where I got up to...


      Any thoughts, directions, would be hugely appreciated!!!




      Work book attached