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    Parameter getting corrupted in Tableau Server 8.0

    Richard Leeke

      I'm wondering if anyone else has seen an issue I have just struck parameters getting corrupted in workbooks published to Server.


      The issue is that a floating point parameter which is used on some sheets gets corrupted after visiting a sheet with a string parameter. The floating point parameter slider starts displaying the valid value list for the string parameter instead of the numeric range.


      Here it is published on Public:




      When the workbook opens it is on sheet 1 and there is a parameter called Float showing a value of 0.95. That is defined as a floating point parameter, range 0 to 1, step 0.01.


      Click on sheet 2 and you will see a parameter called String with values A, B, C.


      Click back on sheet 1 and the Float parameter now shows as <unknown>. Drag the slider and it will show values A, B and C (for a floating point number!).


      This is a real pain for us as we are making extensive use of parameters in a large, complex workbook.


      Any ideas for workarounds gratefully received.


      I have raised it with Tableau support - just hoping someone else may have hit it and know a workaround while I'm waiting to hear back.