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    Feed more than 1 value into parameterized SQL query

    Ian Conlon

      I've got a custom SQL query that makes use of a string parameter in the WHERE clause to limit the rows returned. The WHERE statement is structued as the following: WHERE CustomerLastName IN ( <Parameter Value> ). When I enter single values for the parameter (e.g., 'Smith'), the parameter works fine and the query returns results, but I'd like to be able to pull the data for multiple customers at once, such that the parameter fill would be WHERE CustomerLastName IN ('Smith', 'Thomas', 'Sanders').


      How can I get Tableau to recognize multiple strings as part of a SQL query? I've tried entering the values with/without a comma between them, with/without single quotes, and so forth, but I haven't found anything that works. Is it even possible to feed multiple strings into a custom SQL query within Tableau? Any help would be appreciated.