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    Divergent Bar Chart


      Does anyone know how to create a divergent bar chart like the one below?  I can't figure out how to diverge the x-axis.



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          Matt Lutton

          Did you take a look at and/or deconstruct the workbook file?  It appears the axis was automatically created based on the values in the data used.  Or are you asking something else?  There are several other things happening in the workbook to make it appear this way (most notably, the "Percent Gantt" field: PREVIOUS_VALUE(-[Negative])+ZN(LOOKUP(SUM([Percent]),-1))

          Divergent Axis.png


          Definitely some more advanced tricks used, not something "Show Me" is going to give you in a few clicks.

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            No, I hadn't looked at the workbook file.  I didn't think this would be a complicated display.  I'm brand new to Tableau, so it may take me some time to figure this one out.  Thanks!

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              Matt Lutton

              Yeah, its a little complicated if you're brand new--but you can download any Tableau Public file and dig through it to try and make sense of what is happening.  Someone may be able to walk you through this one better than I could.


              However, if you have some data you are working with that you can upload in a packaged workbook here, along with what result you are trying to accomplish, someone can help you achieve it.  The forum--and studying dashboards--are both great ways to learn.

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                Alex Kerin

                There's a good walkthrough here on Steve's site (there are other posts as well on there about it): http://www.datarevelations.com/likert-scales-the-final-word.html

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                  Well, I'm playing around with this, and here is what I've got.  I did see the walkthrough on Steve's site, and I'll use that attempt if I have to, but I was hoping to make this a little simpler than that.


                  I can't upload the workbook with the data (sensitive), but I can attach a screen shot of the summary - see below.  Basically, I just made my Measure calculation (Duration) into an IF statement to make the AM shift data negative.   Now, I just have to see if I can change the labels so that they do not show as negative percentages.


                  I do have to go back and check my data, though.  Something isn't right with the percentages calculated.  The categories should add up to 100%, and clearly they do not.  Not sure why I have over 100% for any one category.


                  I do appreciate the help and input!