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    Trusted Ticket Stays Authenticated after a ticket is no longer provided.

    Aaron Clancy


      I have custom portal that allows an admin to add or remove links to embedded Tableau Dashboard pages.

      This is done through a custom form.  One of the attributes in this form is "Trusted = yes" or "Trusted = no"

      Behind the scenes, this is programmatically deciding whether to add trusted authentication to the iframe URL or not.


      If I access a dashboard with "trusted =yes" ....then switch the attribute to "trusted=no" and access the page it still thinks I'm authenticated as the user I previously accessed the dashboard with.(No ticket is being sent)


      Is this intended behavior?  It seems like it should be "No ticket no access."  If I reset my browser it "forgets" who I authenticated with previously and doesn't load the page(Which is what I would think it should do all along)