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    Filtering a Tableau Workbook using TabCmd

    Joefer Tingson

      Hi Everyone,


      I would like to know if the following scenario is possible in Tableau Server 8.


      We are currently using Tableau Server 8 and we have a couple of workbooks deployed on the server. We tried using the get url command of the tabcmd command line tool and we were able save it as .twbx on our local hard drive.


      What we would like to achieve is to be able to filter a workbook using the get url command and save it on our hard drive. For example:


      Let say:


      1. we have a dashboard or workbook named "myDashboard" published on the server.

      2. The dashboard have a global filter named "Country".


      We would like to know if its possible to get a workbook and save it as .twbx but only contains record or data where country=US?


      Hope that you can share some insights.





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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Joefer --


          While one can decorate a GET or EXPORT request with filter parameter values (?country=US), they are only honored when you choose a format which is "rendering-ready" - for example, when you output an image, PDF, or CSV. When you ask for the workbook as a twbx, you get the whole workbook - nothing is being "rendered" in this case, we're simply grabbing stuff from storage and passing it back to you.


          You might want to consider requesting this behavior in our Ideas section - it's an interesting one!