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    On Tableau Server 8 dashboards are blank

    Jonathan Clark



      We have multiple workbooks that worked in Tableau 7.  We recently upgraded to Tableau 8 and they no longer work correctly.  The first indication of a problem was that in desktop 8, the formatting of numbers was off completely; to the extent that you can't even read the numbers.  We are not using any custom formatting, and I have found that, if I lower the size of the font to 6 I can usually read them, but that is a rediculous font size and it is unreasonable to expect analysts to work with the numbers that small.  On the larger fonts, no matter how wide I make the columns I still see the problem.


      However when publishing the workbook, it looked fine on the server.


      So, we decided to try recreating the workbook in Tableau desktop 8.  Now the numbers are still formatted incorrectly, but when we publish to the server, the view is blank.


      I cannot upload an example, since this is proprietary information and I cannot come up with a sample that demonstrates the behavior.


      The workbook connects to a view on a MS SQL Server.  One of the trouble worksheets has 18 measures with three types of numbers (some are percentages, some are integers, and some are decimals).  The integers can go up to 9 places (hundred millions).  There are 2 Dimmensions; company and product both text.  Finally, there are 6 filters, one of which is a table calc.


      I realize that this is a lot of information to display on one page and not ideal, but it did work in Tableau 7 without any isssues.


      I also realize that without a sample it is difficult to analyze the problem.  I will continue to try to come up with a sample that shows the error, but in the meantime any help is appreciated.