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    CSV Data "1.0.7" is imported as "-2"

    Felix Kubasch

      See following example of my CSV source file:

      1APPLEUS1001My CompMy App1.0.71F3010/28/1210/28/12EURNLEUR5067068500


      I need to import the version field as a STRING. Changing the data format within tableau doesn't work. I receive "-2" as a values instead of "1.0.7", so I tried several approaches using the Custom SQL at the data connection level.

      STR([myfile#csv].[version]) AS [version]

      returns "12:00:00 AM" --> still not what I want.


      Any ideas?

      p.s. Unfortunately I have to accept the given CSV format. There is NO way change this upfront, sorry.


      Attached the CSV.