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    Conditional Mark Labels

    Michael Daivs

      I am unaware of any way to label just the value(s) in a view that meet a condition.


      Example: I have a performance evaluation dashboard that looks very cluttered because the values need to be readable upon printout for sign off purposes. It would would be a drastic improvement both visually and practically if the labels would only show up on the rows with the parameter-selected person. (label when [Name] = [Parameter.Name] else do not label.) It adds value to the evaluations allow comparison to the other people in the group so only showing the values of the specific person is out of the question. However the precise values are undesired for anyone other than the specifically evaluated person. Below are the current an desired versions of one of the graphs in the evaluation. By parameter select ([Group] and [Name]) two things happen. The group is determined and the individual is colored orange instead of blue.



      Mark Label Overlap.png   


      Mark Label Conditional.png

      Is there a way to do this that I am unaware of?