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    URL Action Carrying Filters from One Embedded Dashboard to Another Embedded Dashboard

    Michael Crow

      I would like to have a URL action for an embedded dashboard (e.g., www.mywebsite.com/embedded_1) open up a new browser tab for an embedded dashboard on another webpage (e.g., at www.mywebsite.com/embedded_2), carrying the user-defined filter settings from the first dashboard to the second (so the second embedded dashboard opens with same filter settings as the first). Server for both dashboards would be Tableau Public.


      Note: links above aren't actual – just for example.


      I believe I know how to create a URL action that would carry user-defined filter settings from Dashboard 1 to Dashboard 2, if I just want to send users to Tableau Public for dashboard 2. Presumably, I would do that with the Tableau Public URL along with embedded filter settings in the URL. However, I'm not sure how to do it if I want to send people to an embedded Dashboard 2. The number of filter combinations is far too numerous and complex for doing this manually and having a different hosting webpage for each potential version of Dashboard 2.


      I suspect this is possible with the JavaScript API, but I don't know how to code JavaScript, so I'm hoping there's a way to do this with native capabilities. If not, I may need to learn JavaScript, I guess.