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    Calculation sum up hours in rank

    Gert-Jan Neeft



      Can anyone please help me with the following? It seems pretty easy but.....

      I have 7 columns (days of the week) with a ranking of trucks (ranking by hours). In the Tableau workbook you see that each column has been summed up. That works. But I would like to get totals for every row. So I would like to sum up the hours (from monday to sunday) for every rank. Please take a look in the Excel file for the desired outcome.


      I have tried a couple of things, but it seems that the calculation then goes haywire and I get different results then I see in Excel. So probably it is an 'advanced' calculation....?


      Please see the attached Tableau workbook and Excel file.


      If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


      Best regards,