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    can some one explain this?




      Can someone explain this to me?

      I made calculation1:


      AVG([actual value]) / AVG([Calculated setpoint])


      The outcome of calculation 1 = 1,105

      Then i made calculation 2:


      IF [Calculation1] = 1.105 THEN "A"

      ELSEIF [Calculation1] > 1 THEN "B"

      ELSEIF [Calculation1] < 2 THEN "C"

      ELSE "D"



      How does it come that the outcome of calculation 2 = B and not A ?

      I do not get it. The fist line of calculation 2 = TRUE ? (1.105 = A)?


      Really like to hear a answer because I am really confused.


      Thanks in advance,


      Regards Bart