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    Workbook name / Version Control options




      I need to place the version number of each Tableau workbook (twb) in my published reports.  I am currently doing this by adding "Workbook Name" in the title of a worksheet and then placing that worksheet on all dashboards.  however, when i publish, the Tableau Workbook name is changed to the workbook name that was used during publishing (see attached screenshots).  i can see why that might be useful but I need to have the actual name of the Tableau Workbook itself (each workbook might be published to three different workbooks on the server for different user permissions and we don't want the name of the published workbooks constantly changing).  The purpose is so that if a user prints a report or questions content, we can be sure of the version they are using and also so that if we had to republish any workbooks we know which are the current ones (we do a lot of development work so there are always mutliple versions floating around).


      Does anyone have any ideas on how to manage this other than manually typing a version number into each workbook ?




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          Matt Lutton

          I'm not sure what the issue is.  If you're already manually typing it and adding it to a dashboard, why not just change the name when you publish it to include the version #?  I may be misunderstanding the issue.

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            Daniel Seisun

            Instead of changing the workbook name, you could either add a title page to your workbook that contains workbook version information, or add a footnote on each sheet that has the version name. If you want to be able to quickly change it for all the sheets, have the footnote be driven via parameter.

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              Hi Matthew.  Once things settle down that would be the obvious option but at the moment there is so much development happening that we have numerous version of each workbook running in dev area all with slightly different things we are trying.  People forget to rename the version number when they publish so can't be sure which file is being tested.  If we were able to link the filename it would remove that issue.  I was just wondering if there was some option for automating the filename.  Sounds like there's not


              Daniel, we are using title now so I will continue with that approach and also look into footnotes.


              Thanks for your replies.

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                Matt Lutton

                Similar to what Daniel said, you could also create calculated string fields and display the fields in a title or caption. Not sure if that would make it any easier, though.  Best of luck!