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    join oracle data with excel data


      Dear Tableau Forum,

      is it possible to join data from oracle (primary) and excel (secondary). I understand the basic combination of different sources as explained in http://www.tableausoftware.com/learn/tutorials/on-demand/advanced-data-data-blending?signin=8fc39324e9a330dfa66f8e479153dd66

      but I would like to join data from the secondary source to the primary. My secondary source has additional customer information that I would like to display with information of the primary source. I can link the two data sources by customer ID, but the ID is not information that I wnat to display as it only helps for record keeping and doesn't contain any information. So is it possible to somehow join the two data sets without using the linked dimension in the display?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank you,


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          Alex Kerin

          What version of Tableau are you on?

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            Version 8 doesn't require the linking field to be on the worksheet in order to blend as was required in earlier versions.  Obviously, the best solution is just to load the Excel table into Oracle and then join the two, but I suspect you have permissions issues which keeps you from doing that.  Another approach is to use Excel to connect to the Oracle table.  With both the original Excel info in one tab and the Oracle in another tab, the Excel workbook could then be used as a datasource (beware, this is really kludgy! The approach takes away benefits of using a database as a source and introduces Microsoft's rules and limitations onto the Oracle connection).


            So...for Tableau...my preferred choice is to join tables within the same datasource, second is to blend tables and my last choice would be to attempt dropping the data from a preferred datasource into a less preferred datasource in order to get the join condition.

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              I am using Tableau 8.

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                Blending should work.  It sounds like you'd like to make the secondary datasource the primary -- that's quite doable.  It sounds like the relationship already exists from other worksheets in your workbook.  To make what you think of as the secondary source the primary, just be sure to drag an item (dimension/measure) onto a blank worksheet from that datasource first.  That makes it the primary datasource for that worksheet.  The blending references should still exist, so after that drag a field from the secondary datasource onto the workbook.  As long as there is a one-to-one relationship, a value will show up.  If multiple rows match the relationship in the second datasource (that is, the second one dragged onto the worksheet), then use an aggregate function to obtain a single value (max, min, attr are commonly used).


                But, if you must have a true table join, the two tables have to be from the same type of datasource.  Grab the Oracle data to be within Excel, then use Tableau to connect to Excel, joining the two tabs within the same workbook.  Here's a blog on how to get the ODBC driver for Oracle (in case you already don't have it installed). ODBC required for Excel to Query Oracle | MacLochlainns Weblog


                If that doesn't work for you, post a sample workbook so others can help you along,

                Let me know if this has been helpful.

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                  Hi Brad,

                  thank you very much for the quick reply! Even with Tableau 8 I am getting the unlink symbol (broken chain at Customer ID) and the error message (below) if Customer ID is not on the worksheet. So I guess that ideally I need to change my warehouse priviliges to upload data for a proper join.

                  Thanks again for answering the question. Now I know what my next steps need to be.



                  data link error mesage.jpg

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                    Just curious.  I've assumed that you've attempted to make the link active by clicking on the greyed out link icon.  The icon shows active/inactive linking fields, so you can turn on a link even though the field doesn't exist on the worksheet.

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                      I did not know that. I was too used to Tableau 7.

                      Thank you very much!