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    Traffic Light Calculated Field - Middle Range?

    Kerith Gaines

      Hi Guys,


      I'm striking out here trying to get my traffic light set up for a dashboard. I figured I need to use a calculated field and then dump it on to the color shelf (and change shape to circle) but I'm stuck on the correct expression to use operators to show greater than x AND less than x (needs to meet both of those criteria to be 'yellow')


      This is what i have:


      IF [Avg Days Delayed]<31 THEN 'Green'

      ELSEIF [Avg Days Delayed]>60 THEN 'Red'

      ELSEIF [Avg Days Delayed]>30 AND <=60 THEN 'Yellow'



      Tableau is not liking ELSEIF [Avg Days Delayed]>30 AND <=60 THEN 'Yellow'


      How should I be writing that?


      Thanks in advance!