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    Tableau Data Shaper Plug in

    Criston Bradford

      I trying to import survey data using the Tableau data shaper plug in. For some reason, it's not working. I've followed the steps that were provided in the conference workshop, but still ... my data appears to be duplicating too many times (that's the best way I can explain it). Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? All the questions are not being brought in from the data once it's shaped.

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          Patricia Santillan

          I have found from experience that working with survey data, especially when the data is in SAS, and expecially when there are multiple choice questions is very challenging.  The reshape Tableau tool is not always the best option and when working with survey data I think it is much more complicated.


          That being said, when you use the re-shape tool you need to be sure that you select the cell where the data to your left (columns) and your headers (row) meet.  This will turn your headings into one columns with a choice.  For instance if the heading of each column is a different month, they will become one column which you can re-label month.  This will duplicate the data from left for each column of data (month in this example) that you have.  Hope this helps.  .