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    Tableau live connection with Relational Data

    Asim Hussnain

      I wonder if basic philosophy behind Tableau is different from that of Relational Databases. Is it possible to connect a Relational Database and use the live data in there for analysis.


      I see that Tableau merges all the data into one giant table using the 'joins', the other blending option with multiple data connections has many limitations.


      I asked a similar question on http://community.tableau.com/thread/130672 and got no answer so thought that I might need to rephrase that.


      Data mergoing loses all the power of normalized data arrangement in a relational database like MySQL. Can you please see the post above mentioned, and tell me a way to use Tableau on non-merged data. The link above paints a detailed scenario why such requirement arises.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Asim, welcome to the forum! Sorry your questions are going unanswered. This is not your fault and we are not deliberately ignoring you. The problem is the way Tableau has set up the Community front page. It encourages you to post questions out here (which few people monitor) instead of in the Forums proper. In the future click the "Forums" link first then post your question. More people will see it and it won't get lost after two days.


          At the moment I don't have time to answer your specific question, and I'll be away for a few days. So best if you move or repost this Q inside the forums. I'm sure someone will take this Q on, if they see it.



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            Asim Hussnain

            How kind of you Shawn. I've moved this disucssion to Forums. Hopefully a bigger number of kind and helpful people will see this and help me buy right solutions to integrate in my product.