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    How to refresh a workbook on tableau online.

    Rohith Reddy


      I am using tableau online as my server. I have a workbook published onto the server which uses mysql datasource. I have added the full refresh of the extracts to daily schedule, but it doesn't refresh and throwns me an alert. It seems that the tableau server on cloud does not support MySQL directly, but support in the form of published extracts.


      So I have published the data sources of the workbook on to the server and I am able to refresh them using the command line util on tableau desktop. But the reports in the work book doesn't get updated.


      This implies that the datasources are not aligned to the workbook.


      Can anyone help me how to align the datasources to the workbook so that my reports get refreshed with the commandline Util.


      Or any other approach on how to refresh the workbooks would be geratly helpful.



      Thanks in advance.

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