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    Issue Hiding 2nd of 2 Treemaps in Container

    Mark Holtz

      Generally in Tableau, you can create a dashboard with containers and actions that can act as a "chain" of filters.


      1) start with main 1st view

      2) add a 2nd view and add action that filters by one of the partitions (all selected dimensions) on the 2nd view based on selection from the 1st view

      3) set the action so clearing the selection will "Exclude all values" and hide the 2nd view title

      4) ensure 1st and 2nd views are both in a horizontal or vertical container and do not have fixed height/width set


      Those 4 steps will then create a dashboard where the 1st is the only view visible until a "drill selection" is made, at which point the 2nd view will show up, filtered by the selection in the 1st.


      I have set that up with 2 (actually 3) views. Both my 1st and 2nd views are treemaps.


      I've tried to screenshot what the setup is.

      I have records by Client in the 1st view.

      Clicking on a box in the treemap correctly displays a breakdown in the 2nd view--another treemap--filtered by the Client selected. Clicking on a box in that 2nd view correctly displays a 3rd view filtered by the dimension in the 2nd view.


      But on deselecting them back out in order, 2nd, then 1st, I am left with a treemap in a vertical container with no set fixed height that does not fill the page--and it is set to Fit to "Entire View".

      WHY?!? I've done this many times for other chart types besides treemaps and it works fine. Is this a bug with treemaps? Is this by design? Can anyone explain?



      9/27/13 Edit: for posterity, I am adding screenshot ("tree map rows and columns shelves") of problematic empty Columns and Rows shelves on the VIEW behind the dashboard I included in the screenshots, referenced by Jonathan Drummey. Once I added at least 1 field here, it behaved as I was expecting on the Dashboard.