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    Sum revenue from the last date

    Joshua Grossman



      I am interested in representing revenue from the last date (max date) alongside total revenue.  The max date would always sum data from the last date in the filter.  Is there a way to do this?




      Last date is October 19th


      Revenue for October (all oct revenue)

      Revenue max date (revenue from only October 19th)  This would change if the filter was changed to Oct 18th)


      Thanks in advance!



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          Matt Lutton

          Here is a stab I took at this one--note that there is almost certainly a better approach out there.  I just try to learn by answering forum questions, so I took a stab at this one.  I separated out the "All Dates in range" and  "Max date" charts, and pulled them together in a dashboard (this may not be ideal, I understand--but I had a hard time doing this in one chart.... someone out there can probably help arrive at that as well).  Anyway, using the LAST() Table Calc with the correct settings, I was able to pull the last date's sales values and display that in addition to the full sales for all months in a range.  See if it makes any sense to you--a lot of this is still new to me, and I am sure there is a better way to do this but this is as far as I could get right now.