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    Trend-line chart w/ date axis on top.  How do I do it?

    Alan Bainbridge

      The crux of my problem is that I am trending a variable by month, with different colors for the years to see a quick comparison between this year and last-year and I want the date axis to appear on the top and not the bottom.


      I've attached an example using the Super-Store data.


      I created a calculated field based on my date field so that I could hide the headers for the bottom date field, but not the top..


      Calculated field:          Ship Date (axis 2) = dateadd( 'year' , 0 , [Ship Date] )


      I dragged "Ship Date (axis 2)" to the columns shelf and set it to appear the same as Ship Date. (Month, w/o year)

      The problem is that I the dots won't connect with the 2nd date field.


      In my attached twbx, the 1st tab "Trend lines (date at Bottom)" is what I'm starting with.  It's good, I just want the X-Axis lables (months) to appear at the top.


      The 2nd tab "Trend Problem (date at Top)" is my attempt to include date labels at the top with a 2nd date field.  But I can't get the dots to connect as a line.  I think it might have something to do with the Year of my date feild being on the colors shelf.  I also think it might have something to do with the Path shelf, but I can't figure it out.


      Any help in this area is appreciated.