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    Blended data and "Add to Saved Data Sources"

    Thai Huynh

      I have multiple data sources used in my visual. Each one is from table on same SQL database.


      Is it possible to save all these blended data sources in a TDS file using "Add to Saved Data Sources..." so relationships are retained.?


      Currently, I can save each data source to its own TDS file. To use them again, I open each one up again and the sources are available but relationships are not retained.


      Thank you!

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          Matt Lutton

          I don't believe so.  But you can set up all your data sources, and save/publish the blank workbook and use it to start a new workbook with the same setup. There may be other options, but unless Tables are joined together, they are treated as individual data sources.  Perhaps joining the tables into one source is what you really want?  Hard to say without knowing the data.

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