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    Issue with tableau server AD integration and Authentication from web application

    mkumar mkumar



      We have two views(HTML <div>) in our web application which will make a request  to tableau server concurrently on page load.


      The code of the Java script looks like as below. For both the (Div) only URL is different.



      <div id="render"></div>

      function() {

      var placeholderDiv = document.getElementById("render");

      var url = http://tableauserver//views/App1/Dashboard3;

      var options = {



        hideTabs: true,



      var viz = new tableauSoftware.Viz(placeholderDiv, url, options);


      Issue is when we try to login to the page via (Active directory Authentication) one of view is giving following error. This error is very much random and occurs 50% of time on any of the view. Any one having any idea what is going on.


      We thought of following thread An error occurred communicating with the server (403) but it seems it is related to trusted authentication and not related to  Active directory authentication.





      What we have observed is this only happens if we send concurrent request to Tableau server for single request it is working fine.

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          David Henrickson

          Running into this as well.  In our case, it appears to be related to the cookie "workgroup_session_id" being set.  Once it is set, then subsequent calls can use it.  But when two or more Viz objects are created, the server doesn't seem to want to accept the second call since it just sent back a cookie?


          So basically, if you have say 4 Viz objects (loading async):

          • On the first attempt: One Viz renders.  The other three get 403 and the Forbidden Action alert.
          • Simply refreshing the page after the first attempt: All 4 Viz objects render fine.
          • After the session timeout period, or if the workgroup_session_id cookie is removed, back to the first attempt behavior.


          Be interested if anyone has a workaround short of waiting for the cookie from the first one to arrive.


          Alternatively, would be helpful to know a 403 occurred, eg. a render failed event.  It is buried in a POST call from the iframe, which we don't have access to (cross-origin), so instead have to wait for onFirstInteractive to NOT happen, meaning a timeout.


          This is also in Tableau 9 / tableau-2.0.0.js.