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    how to use radius filter

    Han Yan

      I have a country filter and city filter, when use country filter, it shows all the cities in that cntry on a map;when use city filter, it only shows one city, what if i want to click a city and show all its nearby cities instead?


      found this tutorial on radius filter based on office and customers but couldn't figure out how to apply it:http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/radius-filters


      in its formula

      3959 * ACOS
      SIN(RADIANS([Lat])) * SIN(RADIANS([Offices$_Lat]))+
      COS(RADIANS([Lat])) * COS(RADIANS([Offices$_Lat])) *
      COS(RADIANS([Offices$_Long]) - RADIANS([Long]))


      it uses Offices$_Lat, but on my map, it's just lat&lon of different cities, how to modify this formula? and do i need to write some custom SQL code?


      Thanks a lot in advance!