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    How to define the order of actions?

    Rossella Blatt Vital



      I have 10 dashboards, 9 of which need to be filtered according to the selection done on dashboard 1. I accomplished this creating 9 filter actions from dashboard 1. The problem is that once the user makes a selection on dashboard 1, I would like dashboard 2 to be the landing page (i.e., to jump from dashboard 1 to dashboard 2).

      It looks like in Tableau desktop this can be achieved by creating the filter action for the landing page as the last one, but when I publish the workbook, the landing page is instead dashboard 8.

      What is the order followed by Tableau to apply the filter actions? If I understand that I should be able to control it and jump to the desired dashboard.

      Otherwise, do you have any idea on how I may control the order of the actions?


      Thanks for any help,


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          Matt Lutton

          When you say "when I publish the workbook, the landing page is instead dashboard 8", do you mean the 8th Dashboard is what you see immediately upon opening the workbook in Server?  I believe it defaults to whatever dashboard you had selected when you actually published the workbook, so you may want to try re-publishing with Dashboard 1 actively selected.


          Does that resolve your issue, if you start on the first Dashboard?  I'm not sure I understand what other help you need?  As always, a packaged workbook (.TWBX) file or screenshots are most helpful in understanding problems you are trying to address on the Forums.



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            Rossella Blatt Vital

            Hi Matthew,


            thanks for your help. By landing page I mean the destination page after making a selection in the first dashboard.

            When the workbook is open the first tab is dashboard 1, which contains a selectable chart. When the user clicks on one of the objects (e.g., one bubble in a bubble chart), then we would like to "jump" to dashboard 2. An action filter is defined accordingly. The selection must be passed to other dashboards too, so action filters are created accordingly. So for example, in dashboard 1 there will be 8 action filters to pass the selection to dashboard 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9.

            So we have 8 action filters that will run "behind the scenes" as soon as a selection is done in dashboard 1.

            My question is how to control what will be the dashboard that will become active once the selection is done in dashboard 1. We want to "jump" to dashboard 2, so I need to tell Tableau to apply the selection filter to adashboards 2 to 9,AND to jump to dashboard 2.

            It looks like MOST OF THE TIMES this is achievable by creating as last one the action with the desired "landing page" (in our example dashboard 2).

            The problem is:

            1) this rule works MOST OF THE TIMES, but not ALWAYS

            2) sometimes the landing pages (meaning the destination dashboard) are different between the desktop and the server. in my example in Tableau desktop once the user makes a selection in dashboard 1, dashboard 2 will become the active one . Though the very same  dashboard published on the server will jump to dashboard 8 rather than dashboard 2 when a selection is done on dashboard 1.


            So I am trying to understand the logic that Tableau follows when it runs the actions of a dashboard.

            The support confirmed the rule of creating the action with the desired landing page as last one, but, as mentioned previously this doesn't work always.




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              Matt Lutton

              I think I understand what you mean.  Wouldn't a solution be to set up actions from dashboard 1 to dashboard 2, and from there set actions to filter to dashboard 3, etc.  rather than trying to do it all from dashboard 1?

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                Matt Lutton

                Example attached--because you filter to one market in the first dashboard, that will carry forward to the actions on the subsequent dashboards.    This is a VERY simple example and could get much more complicated if we wanted it to.

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                  Rossella Blatt Vital

                  Hi Matthew,



                  Whenever I can use this approach, that is what I do.

                  But in most cases I can't, mainly because of the following reasons:

                  1) Often the sheets in the different dashboards don't use the same dimensions and there is no way to add the dimension we are filtering on in the target sheet.

                  2) Often I need to use sets, which will not work on target filters. I am often using parameters which may slightly complicate things when it comes to passing the selection.

                  3) Almost all the times the relationship between dimensions is multiple to multiple. In your example there is one market per state, which I think make things easier because by selecting the state we are also indirectly selecting the market. This happens very rarely with my data.

                  4) Sometimes I would like to pass the selection to other dashboards that will never be a "landing page". For example, let's say that besides dashboard 1,2 and 3 there is a 4th dashboard. When the user makes a selection on dashboard 1, we'll jump to dashboard 2. when the user makes a selection on dashboard 2, we will jump to dashboard 3. but dashboard 3 is not selectable. still we want the user to being able to go to the fourth tab at any moment and see the results filtered by the selection done in dashboard 1, 2 and 3. This means that the user might make a selection on dashboard 1, jump to dashboard 2 and then manually select the tab for dashboard 4. Even though the user hasn't done any selection yet in dashboard 2 and 3, we still want the selection done in dashboard 1 to be applied to dashboard 4. This means that I need to create an action filters in dashboards 1,2 and 3 to pass the selection to dashboard 4.


                  There are multiple scenarios where I need to have action filters with different target sheets associated to one specific dashboard. Most of the times, by trial and error I get exactly the behavior I want. But sometimes I don't.
                  If I could just understand what is the logic followed by Tableau when multiple actions are created in one dashboard, then I will be able to have it working correctly all the times...




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                    Corey Meier

                    Hi Roessella,


                    Was there ever a solution to your original question about "how to control the order the dashboard actions are executed"?


                    I am in the same situation where I have several dashboards and that each use a different data sources...but each data source has a common ID across all of them.  I want the dashboard user to select the ID on the master dashboard and then with action filters defined for the other dashboards, set the filters up based on the select ID.  When the user views the other dashboards, they will see the filtered results.


                    My issue is that I want one particular dashboard to be shown after all the filters are run, but I am not getting that to happen.


                    I have inspected the Tableau workbook in XML view and see where the actions are noted, but can't see anything specific that would tell me the order of exection.







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                      Rossella Blatt Vital

                      Hi Corey,


                      unfortunately I never received a definitive solution.

                      It looks like the most common behavior is that the last action you create, is the tab you will land to. This works for me 99% of the times... though would be sooo nice to have more deterministic behaviors from Tableau.. ;-)


                      In order to have more control on the actions, I often use the target filters:



                      Though, you must have both fields in the two tabs or it will not work (it will flag a warning like in the image above), and sometimes you can't have those fields in the sheets.


                      Also, If you need to apply a filter to all other tabs (or specific views), you may select the  "Apply to worksheet" > selected worksheets and then select all worksheets you want to be filtered.



                      I hope this help...

                      Can you publish the workbook you are having problems with?  I will try to help you more.


                      Good luck!


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                        Corey Meier



                        Thanks for your response.


                        I was able to come up with a solution (or workaround) for my issue.


                        Here is my approach:

                        1.  I currently have 6 dashboards (Dashboard1, Dashboard2, up to Dashboard6).

                        2.  On Dashboard1 (considered my master dashboard), I am creating a sheet of IDs that the user will select from (NOTE:  this value is a common data elements across the other 5 dashboard sheets...where each dashboard has a different data source.)

                        3.  In the listing of IDs on the sheet on Dashboard1, the user will select one particular ID or the column header to select all of the views rows....with the goal to filter Dashboards2 thru Dashboard6 based to the  ID(s) selected.

                        4.  I have created a separate "select" Action Filter on Dashboard1 for each of the sheets for the following Dashboards 2-6 with Target Filter for just the ID field.  (So I now have 5 dashboard actions defined on Dashboard1..called dashboard2, dashobard3, up to dashboard6)

                        5.  Now when the user selects an ID on the sheet of Dashboard1, all 5 dashboard filter actions are executed...passing the ID to each of the sheets on Dashboard 2 thru 6.

                        6.  Whatever filter action excecuted last (I assume) is the dashboard that ended up being displayed.  ISSUE: The dashboard that is being displayed is the one I don't want...for this example, I want Dashboard2 to be shown but instead I get Dashboard4 whenever I click on an ID.



                        To solve this problem in step 6 above, whatever dashboard is shown (in this case Dashboard4), I would go to the dashboard filter action on Dashboard1 for Dashboard4 (called dashboard4) and change the logic to match dashboard2 filter action.  I would then change dashoard2 filter action and change the logic for dashboard4.  I would then rename the filter actions to match the changed logic.


                        After I did this change, I got the correct dashboard (Dashboard2) displayed after clicking the ID field and all the action filters were executed!!


                        Note that this works both in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.


                        If you have any questions, please let me know.



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                          Jonathan Drummey

                          Hi Corey,


                          I've got a slight variation of your situation - I'd like to keep the user on Dashboard 1. I tried out your solution as best I could tell and couldn't get it to work, could you take a look at Apply Filter Action to multiple dashboards and keep focus in original dashboard if you get a chance? Thanks!



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                            Krzysztof Rogoz

                            My experience with Tableau 10.0 is:

                            - Yes, Tableau is landing in Dashboard pointed by THE LAST ACTION (on the bottom of Actions list)

                            - to reorder action it was enough to rename (Tableau sort in alphabetical order), this caused my preferred action was moved to the bottom and navigation between dashboards started to work as I wanted.


                            In my case it was pretty simple, I don't guarantee if it works with other Tableau versions in other use cases

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                              Bruno Musolino

                              I've been struggling with this for the last 3 hours and your solution worked pretty well over here!

                              I'm using 10.3 in this case and the filters are indeed acting in the naming order and I'm landing on the dashboard that is the target to the last action in place.


                              Thanks for sharing!!