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    How to get a Crosstab/Dashboard of underlying data?

    Eric Decker

      Hi all,


      This seems like an extremely simple task to accomplish, but is there a way to just have a cross tab view of the entire data set that I can put into a dashboard? Luckily for the build I'm doing, there is no sensitive data so having all that data seen is OK. I tried to throw in all the measures and dimensions into rows or columns but I'm not really getting my desired results. I just want an Excel-esque spreadsheet format of the raw data as its own dashboard that folks can reference if they want to dig further down into the data. (Essentially when you see the Underlying data with column headers and the raw data is what I want presented in its own Dashboard.)


      This way we can use Tableau Reader to deploy both graphics AND raw data across multiple dashboards for one-stop shopping.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!