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    Sum two columns

    Cécilia Anuzet


      I'm new to this logicile. Looking for a solution to a problem for two days but I can not find. I still do not understand very well all the possibilities of the software. I looked everywhere but I do not understand the proposed solutions, I do not know what applies to my problem.

      I am currently conducting a survey of the literature for my job where I class and categorizes articles:
      Author, title, periodical, ect.

      I also ranks items based on material and content. For these two categories, I have two column in my excel "primary" and "secondary" file. attached an excel file for data.

      Sample material:
      Primary                      Secondary
      Paper                           Painting
      Wood                           no secondary material
      Photographic                 Paper
      Painting                        wood

      What I would like is to add the Primary and Secondary columns to see the totals for each criteria. How many articles dealing with the wood or how painting.
      I do not want to have a hierarchical division of the data, I wish to have a general result. In the Excel file, I put an example table hoped.

      Thank you for your solutions


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          Steve Martin

          Hi Cecillia,


          In your view, drag the primary materials pill to rows, and then again to the columns, also add the secondary material pill to the columns next to the primary material pill then drag the number of records pill to the text field on the Marks card

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            Cécilia Anuzet

            Hi Steve,


            Thank for your response. I tried but it did not create the tab I wanted.
            I would like to know the total number of article dealing paper or paint, regardless of whether they are classified as primary or secondary material.

            I would like to created a tab exactly like the tab in the excel fil in attachement in the first message, on the sheet named "Tab wished".

            I try many solutions in Tableau, but each time I have an hierarchical division between primary and secondary (see the first image).


            But I would like have this:

            Tab hoped.bmp

            Thank you for your solutions,