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    Sum two columns

    Cécilia Anuzet


      I'm new to this logicile. Looking for a solution to a problem for two days but I can not find. I still do not understand very well all the possibilities of the software. I looked everywhere but I do not understand the proposed solutions, I do not know what applies to my problem.

      I am currently conducting a survey of the literature for my job where I class and categorizes articles:
      Author, title, periodical, ect.

      I also ranks items based on material and content. For these two categories, I have two column in my excel "primary" and "secondary" file. attached an excel file for data.

      Sample material:
      Primary                      Secondary
      Paper                           Painting
      Wood                           no secondary material
      Photographic                 Paper
      Painting                        wood

      What I would like is to add the Primary and Secondary columns to see the totals for each criteria. How many articles dealing with the wood or how painting.
      I do not want to have a hierarchical division of the data, I wish to have a general result. In the Excel file, I put an example table hoped.

      Thank you for your solutions