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    Errors messages when viewing dashboard tabs on Server, workbook is fine in desktop


      I'm having issues with a particular workbook where if I click on a specific tab on the published view on the server I get one of the following error messages:


      Unexpected Server Error

      DataSourceException: No such column [sqlserver.41520.368347465279].[TEMP(Calculation_9800321142324626)(2638053663)(0)].

      Session Ended by Server

      An unexpected error occurred on the server. If you continue to receive this error please contact your Tableau Server Administrator.

      Several of the other dashboard tabs in the workbook work fine, and other workbooks published to the server work okay, it's just a few particular dashboards that are causing issues. Everything, including the dashboards in question, work perfectly in Tableau Desktop but give errors on the server. I have tried dropping worksheets and columns from the view and have not been able to isolate a particular column or sheet that might be causing this. Sometimes after republishing the workbook the views will work fine for a little while, and then start throwing the same error messages without any change made and with the same default filters/parameter values. Refreshing and republishing the extract files also does not help.

      When I look at the vizqlserver logs, I see error files that are created that end with the following:

      Internal error in file "data\Table.cpp" at line 129.

      *** Unhandled Exception: 0xe0000000

      In Windows Application Event Viewer, I see several warnings that I'm not sure are or aren't related:

      Restarting dead component 'Tableau Server Vizqlserver0'

      Has anyone run into anything similar?

      We are currently on Tableau 8.0.1 (planning to upgrade to latest release this week)