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    more than 16 columns in one report - issue with formating

    Michael McCarthy

      With the help of Tableau support i was able to create a report with more than 16 columns however i encountered a number of issues once it was created which they are unable to help with. I am wondering if anyone has encountered the same and has a fix or workaround for them.

      The report looks fine on the web or in the report editor but when I try to download the file to excel it:

      - reorders the columns alphabetically, therefore losing the flow of the report

      - for each min(1) it has a new row of information - the last line has all of the information however the first 39 need to be deleted as they are all missing some info. You could not create a report for Management like this.

      - forgets the fact that some of the columns are percentages - which has been set in report creation.