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    How to pass escape characters in a string parameter in a URL

    Dana Withers



      I have created a workbook that takes a parameter (not a filter), to be embedded in our web portal.

      I have set up the parameter to be a string and I'd like to pass it a string that contains a comma or pipe character so that I can pass that on to the query below it and there it knows how to deal with that character and the other values contained.

      So I pass in a parameter called TestMe with a value of 3,4,5 (or I could make this 3|4|5)


      How do I pass this in a URL in such a way that I can test my workbook with the parameter ?


      But when I put this in the browser it gives me an error. (needless to say if I put 5,4 or 5|4 in my parameter field, it all works fine)


      How can I escape characters in url codes ?


      Thanks !