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    Weekly data shown in monthly format

    Delina Mitchell

      Hi Everyone


      This is my first post and I hope I can narrow my question down to a few sentences.  I have an excel spreadsheet with 5 columns. The first column is the date (a row for each Saturday in a year) the next three columns are for states and the 5th column is for the total. I have 3 years worth of data in my spreadsheet.


      When I created a Tableau line graph I wanted to show each of the 52 markings for each week but as a monthly visualisation ie July would have 4 points (for the 4 Saturdays of July).  My graph only will show a sum of the month.


      Is it possible to do this?  My graph currently has weeks 1 - 52 across the bottom but I also want to show it as a movement in months.


      Kind regards

      Delina Mitchell