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    Confusion regarding the option of creating set manually

    . Ashish

      Hi All,


      As a beginner I was trying out creating sets in a scatter plot with Profits at Y and Sales at X axes; Filtered for a single region and single Product Category with Customer Name at the Detail level. Now I wanted to select some of the customers by drawing an area around them and creating a set for these selected customers. But the problem is that after drawing an area around some customers and right clicking any one of them doesn't show the option to create set in the right click menu.

      If I try to create a dynamic set by right clicking on the Customer Name dimension under the Data, I am able to see create set option and also able to create a dynamic set from there.

      Can anyone please explain this difference in behaviour for creating set? Is there any prerequisite to see the Create set option on the view or is there any setting which I need to enable to see this option available?