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    How to align show negative sum as positive value on BAR chart

    John Jose



      We are working on requirement where we have to show negative value on right side of the bar.


      Sample Data

      Class Name   avg  value

      A       Manas    0    -55 

      A       Manas    0     50 

      B       Manas    0     51  


      By normally plotting the graph for class A(BLUE BAR) and B(ORANGE bar) we have got following  but not what we want.Value.png





      What we want is to move the position of the blue bar on the right side with even if it is having negative value. We are going to hide the x-axis and we will show annotation to denote the negative value.




      What we have tried so far is to use SIGN function and try to convert negative value to positive value and then plot it but if we convert negative value to positive value blue bar is becoming huge (e.g for Manas user and class A the sum value will be 50 + 55 = 105 as -55 is converted to positive value)


      We are attaching the workbook where sheet2 represents actual problem and sheet4 will show the impact of converting negative value to positive and then plotting the graph.


      Any input will be highly appreciated.