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    "Sorting" continuous data?

    Andy Campbell

      First time posting a question so bear with me.


      Fundamentally, I have a measure that gets recorded every hour. I am trying to create a line graph that is sorted (descending) on the measure. See the "Objective Chart" worksheet for what I would like to create using only the measure (Wh) and dimension (DateTime). [I cheated to create the objective chart by adding a field to my source data.]


      In the attached workbook you'll see three worksheets.


      1. Watt hour (Wh) over time - What I might traditionally do with this type of data
      2. Hour of DateTime ranked by Wh - Example of how I can rank the records based on Wh if I make everything discrete.
      3. Objective Chart - What I am trying to create by only using Tableau in conjunction with the Wh and DateTime fields


      I've looked for ways to use Worksheet 2 to create Worksheet 3 but haven't found anything.


      For context, this data set basically represents measures coming from a single device. So my "cheat" works fine. But ultimately I'll be doing this for subsets of 10's of thousands of devices over varying time periods, hence the need for a more dynamic/robust solution.


      Many thanks to everyone who responds to questions on these forums. I've learned a lot already, first time I haven't been able to figure it out via forums/google searches.

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          Mark Holtz

          Hi Andy,


          Welcome to the question-posting realm. You can use Index() if you set up the table calculation correctly for the situation on your tab. Unfortunately, I'm at a loss on how to get the line to appear continuous--I believe it's due to the fact that each hour has to be its own element in the table calc (to be desc. ordered by Wh).


          Hope this helps.

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            Andy Campbell

            Mark -


            Awesome, that did the trick. I had read a bit on partitioning and addressing wrt table calcs but didn't understand it well enough to implement it.


            The only part that I haven't quite figured out (and maybe it's b/c we're using different versions of Tableau? I'm 8.0.2 Desktop) is where you mention getting the line to appear continuous. In your "Sort using Rank" tab it shows up as a continuous line when I view it.


            Thanks for the help,


            load curve.png