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    URL actions write to text file - or webpage

    Joshua Kitz

      I am wondering if it is possible to use a URL action to write to a .txt file (or any file really).


      I understand the method needed to open a txt file (e.g. \\workstation1\d$\datasource.txt ) but is there a way to add to that so it passes a list of data to the txt file?

      i.e. something along the lines of \\workstation1\d$\datasource.txt?write=<Company>

      <Company> is a variable from the workbook. The ?write= obviously doesn't work, but maybe there is something that does.


      My chief goal here is just to understand what info Tableau will be spitting out via a URL action with multiple values. If someone could suggest a link to an actual page that would just populate with a list of data that would also be a great solution.


      Let me know if clarification is needed.