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    Tableau Migration

    mithun gandra

      We wanted to migrate the compete repository from Development into Production.

      We tried to use a backup from Dev, restore into Prod, but we discovered that the users were also migrated. 
      can you please tell me if there is an option to do a backup only for reports / projects, without the Users / Groups.

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          Eric McDonald

          You can do the migration using a restore of a dev backup, then sort out users / groups after that. It's probably the easiest way. You will not be able to delete users who have published workbooks or data sources as they own them.

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            mithun gandra

            I already have users in the prod environment and i dont want to over write them. Can you tell me how od i retain the existing users with out adding the new one from Dev.

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              Russell Christopher

              Hey Mithun -


              As Eric mentioned, this isn't currently possible. A restored backup will always restore users from the backed up system.


              Here's another idea:


              • Script TabCmd to "dump" (via a tabcmd get command) each report from the first system to your filesystem
              • Write another script which will load these reports (via tabcmd publish) to the new system.


              This may be straight forward or quite challenging depending on the number of reports you're dealing with and whether or not there are "embedded" data source usernames & passwords that need to be passed along to the new system. Using tabcmd to do this sort of work is also sort of slow.


              Another idea that I'd use experiment with as a last resort:


              Our backup files are nothing more than zip files. Rename .tsbak to .zip and explore the archive. You'll see that a there is a giant "restore" script there. Given enough time and experimentation, you might be able to merge a restore script of the dev & prod systems so that it restores "dev reports" and "prod users". Doing this would be completely unsupported, of course - so you'd want to have good, solid backups of both systems that you could go back to when things go wrong.


              Good luck!

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                Aaron Clancy

                Question for Russell in regards to the TabCmd suggestion:

                I wrote a Java program a while back that does exactly what you suggested but was configured to place all the content into new sites on the same server as opposed to placing it into a different server.  This worked as long as I didn't have to account for Tableau Data Server Data Sources.  Is using a Server based data source a deal breaker when it comes to scripting migrations or is there something that can be done about that?

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                  mithun gandra

                  Thanks for the response.

                  I am still trying to figure out a easy way to do this activity. Will post you if i get any better way.