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    Getting squeezed for extra fees, and need a room for Tues 9/10

    Brian Hansen

      This is my first time attending TCC & looking forward to it.  I just found out I can stay for Wednesday's content, but the hotel doesn't have any rooms available.  Anyone planning to cancel their room on Tuesday?  Please tag with #tcc.


      I also am surprised that Tableau and Marriott are socking us with $24 parking fees every day AND a $15 "mandatory resort fee", which supposedly covers access to Wifi and the gym and the pool, etc.  Seems like a $249 rate at a place that's normally $299 anyway should've included basics like Wifi and parking.  (I also don't remember the rate info Tableau provided being clear that these extra $39/day charges would be incurred on top of the $249.)  So attendee beware:  your rate is $249 + $15 = $264 x 1.12 to cover MD hotel taxes = $316.80 per night, and add $26.88 if you plan to park a car.  What do you get?  A room, 2 bottles of water, a newspaper, and the basic amenities of almost any other Courtyard (wifi, gym, pool).  If you were budgeting based on $249, adjust your thinking.


      Is there anything we can do about this?  Anyone know more about resorts/conferences & their inner workings than I do?  I already had it out with Customer Care at Marriott Rewards, and didn't get anywhere - they were nice enough to offer an extra 5K rewards points, but that was it, and pointed the fingers at the conference planner's negotiations.  They said if Tableau had negotiated for it, we could've gotten no fees & free parking.  It's really disappointing that 3 nights in this hotel is going to run me an EXTRA $1000 after paying for the >$1K registration fee.