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    International student mapping

    Eric WANG

      I am trying to map international students. All the students are geocoded based on their home address. I am wondering if Tableau can recognize those latitudes and longitudes falling within the same province or even city boundaries, and generate a summary table with city name and the number of students in that city for me.


      I attached a small sample I have. For each student, I only have their unique ID and latitude and longitude for their home address. Currently, I can only show them as dots on the map.


      Ideally, what I want are two things:


      1. Can Tableau aggregate those students from the same province and give me a summarize table say how many students from each province or something similar, e.g.



      Beijing, 5

      Jiangsu, 5

      Shanghai, 4

      Zhejiang, 6


      2. Can I change this map to Filled Map,and when I click on one privince, Tableau will show student number in the tooltips.


      Thank you very much.



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