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    Live connection or Extract?  Best Practice for creating workbooks and publishing, without having to create initial Extract on desktop.


      Hi folks!


      I'm in a quandary here.  I'm starting to use Tableau server connected to a SQL server.  The database in question has 2 million rows - growing by about a million a month.  I would like to be able to develop the workbook on my desktop without having to download a huge extract file, publish the workbook up onn the server, and THEN schedule full extract, THEN incrementally update the extract hourly.  Does anyone have any knowledge on this?


      As an aside, what's your opinion on having a large SQL db and having to use an extract?  Is it a necessary redundancy to have two databases for performance?  How large can an extract get safely?


      So most importantly - develop the code, THEN publish and set up full and incremental extracts.


      Any tableau gurus out there who could help??  This is a deal breaker for us if we can develolp workbooks this way - downloading and then uploading millions of rows just isn't reasonable!


      Cheers!  Nick


      (and someone please respond - I'm desperate! )