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    tableau server data extract size

    Ertan ERISIK



      I have sample superstore excel file which is around 600K, when I extract this Tableau is producing a .tde file which is 30K. But when I publish this extract into the server, the file on the server under tabsvc with the same data connection name is again 600K. Am I missing something here or is this the expected behavior. Should I assume that the data on the server is not compressed?


      I really appreciate any comments or thoughts on this as this is a pretty urgent issue.


      Best Regards

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Ertan -


          When the file is being transported between Desktop and Server as a TWBX and/or is sitting on your file system as a TWBX, the extract  (TDE) is zipped within the file itself.


          When you actually USE the workbook with Desktop, you're using an unzipped TDE which is temporarily stored in your TEMP folder. When a TWBX is published to Tableau Server, the TDE is immediately unzipped and stored in an unzipped fashion on the file system.


          Makes sense?

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            Ertan ERISIK

            Russel Hi,


            Thanks a lot, this is quite helpful information. Is there any way to keep the extract file on the server as compressed? are the scheduled extracts from the server kept compressed?


            Actually, it would be very helpful if there are any any manuals or guidelines on how Tableau is handling the extracts and in memory processing in the server and in the desktop together with best practices?


            Best Regards

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              Madhava B

              Hi Erisik,


              How to get the file size of TDE file.  My requirement is that I want to know the size of TDE file which published in server. Please let me know if you have the solution.




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                Mark McGhee

                Hi Madhava,


                Since the timeframe of the original postings of this thread, there have been changes to the "Administrative Views" within Tableau Server that help to account for disk space.   One of the views introduced since then was the "Stats for Space Usage" which should give an idea on the overall amount of drive space used up by Tableau Server.  One of the filters is "Extract" so thinking it should let you focus on just one extract to see how much hard drive space it's using up.