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    Hide data without changing values

    Jason Olenick

      Hi everyone,

      I'm trying to hide a portion of a report without it impacting the results of my calculations over that time period.  For example, I have a report that shows In (New entries), Out (Closed entries), and Active (Remaining active entries: In but not yet out/closed).  I get the In and the Out directly from a database, but need to calculate the Active in the report.  The report works fine if I show all periods, but this is cumbersome and doesn't fit with a nice view within a bigger dashboard I'm building.  So, in essence, I want to only show say the last 12 months of activity, but hide the other activity before it, while still retaining the running sum/total of the Active count to start with.  I'm attaching a packaged workbook, hoping someone can provide some input.  In this example, I need my final active line to show 20 for Sept 2013, but say, only start showing the data in the month of Oct 2012 (last 12 months).  I'd like to be able to dynamically hide any representation prior to the last 12 months, but keep the calculations carrying over for active.  Thanks.


      Changing my date parameter invalidates the data as the running totals no longer produce the right amount as they don't start with the right amount.


      Thank you in advance for your assistance.