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    Cannot connect to Tableau Public

    Kelly Martin

      I've been getting this since yesterday - checked Service Status and Recent Notices, but nothing there.  Anyone know if the server is down?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Kelly,


          I haven't heard anything and I'm able to get in. Are you seeing an error? If so, what is it?



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            Kelly Martin

            Hi Tracy,


            I put it in a ticket and it turns out that I needed to clear the cache and histtory on IE.  New computer, Windows 2010 and I had never used IE, but Tableau depends on it for the web connection.  Here's Ben's explanation, for anyone that runs into the same issue:


            Great to hear the issue has been resolved! I believe the issue surrounds the fact that Tableau Desktop uses the WinInet service to retrieve map files and perform many other actions, including talking to web clients like the Tableau Public Server. The WinInet service is configured through the same dialogue as the Windows Internet Explorer, so even if IE is not being used this may be the reason.