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    IBM DB2 Date Field

    Chris Millns



      I have connected Tableau 8 to a IBM DB2 iSeries server and am attempting to work with the dates.  The date fields I am referencing are a point decimal type with date format YYYYMMDD.  Using string functions and calculated fields, we have been able to transform these fields into Tableau date format.  The server does not respond to these calculated dates as a live connection so we have been extracting to TDE format to manipulate the dates. 


      Currently I am attempting to use these calculated dates and the DATEDIFF function for a comparison.  When I extract the Tableau connection containing the manipulated dates, the extract is created, however once I have added DATEDIFF, the extract does not create.  We think Tableau's logic normally passes over the non-usable calculated date fields and continues extracting without sending those to the server.  Now, our hypothesis is that it sees the calculated field in the DATEDIFF calculation it sends it to the server, then the server doesn't know what to do and kicks out.  Has anyone experienced this or have an suggestions as to a work around?  Thanks!



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Chris,


          Just to clarify. After the extract has been taken, the datediff function is not recognized? Is there an error thrown?



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            Chris Millns

            Hi Tracy,

            I should have mentioned that the extract does not take with the DATEDIFF function.  There is an error, and it states:


            "[IBM][System i Access ODBC Driver]Communication link failure. comm rc=8405 - CWBCO1047 - The System i server application disconnected the connection


            Unable to create extract"


            I think the server disconnects the connection because it doesn't know what to do with the calculated date field within the DATEDIFF calculation.  Thanks!