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    error parsing filter on scheduled extract




      I have v8 workbook with a data extract that I have attempted to refresh using the SCEDULING function when publishing.  I am getting an error saying


      "translation missing: en.extracts.errors.refreshing

      Errors occurred while reloading the data source: ......Error for 'Dashboard 1': Error parsing filter for field 'MY(MonthEnd)' [ignoring filter]

      Errors occurred while reloading the data source: ......Error for 'Dashboard 2': Error parsing filter for field 'MY(MonthEnd)' [ignoring filter]


      The workbook has a copy of the datasource in order to provide a second workbook that restricts users view according to their LANID.  The error is occuring on both dashboards.


      The field MonthEnd is a straightforward Date Dimension.  Has anyone come across this before?  I'm afraid I can't upload the workbook as it contains sensitive information.  Someone answered a different question for me before regarding a different issue and said that the scheduled workbooks should be saved as TDE but I only seem to have the option to save as TWB or TWBX?




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Ruth,


          The error in question typically occurs when the underlying data source has been changed and a calculated field cannot be determined due to a field not being found. The best way to determine the changes to the data source is to download the workbook into Tableau Desktop and verify the fields that have a red exclamation mark next to them. These fields will need to either be recreated (if a calculated field) referencing the new field or the actual field in the data list will need to be re-assigned to the new field using the 'Replace References' option from the field's right click menu. Once the data connection has been corrected, it will be necessary to remove and recreate the data extract using the appropriate options by right clicking the data connection in the left pane. Once the extract has been recreated, re-publish the workbook and test the extract refresh process on Tableau Server to verify the resolution.

          Hope this helps!


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            Thank you Tracy.  That’s very helpful information. We did have a change to the underlying data but it was nothing I could see that i was using in the dashboard.  There were also no red items.  But I’ll check with our developers as to exactly what was changed and make sure it is recreated in my view.  Can I just clarify … so it’s not enough just to recreate the calculated fields or drag the changed dimension onto the dashboard, I need to recreate the extract?  If I remove and recreate the extract, won’t I lose everything in the workbook?