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    Very simple line chart question

    Chris Morin

      I have a very simple table (attached).  I am unable to convert this to a line chart over time (Month-week)  I'm doing Year over year growth, and as days shift from year to year I have to join to a second table to get the correct fiscal dates to line up (Otherwise I comp Saturday on a Friday from last year).  Therefore Month-week is not recognized as a date field.  Year (Tran_Date) is a recognized date field.  I am unable to get this data to plot out as a line chart because of this as it needs a Date field.  Can I really not plot anything but dates using a line chart?  Should be a very simple answer.....

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          Matt Lutton

          I think you are limiting yourself to the "Show Me" chart options, which build charts for you based on the types of dimensions and measures you select.


          You can build charts without using "Show Me", by placing dimensions and measures on the rows/columns shelves as well as the color/size/text shelves.  Here is an example built by placing a discrete dimension on Columns, a continuous measure on Rows, and a discrete dimension on the Color Shelf.  Then choose the "Line" mark type (circled here in red)


          Line Chart without Showme.png

          I asked the same question a few weeks ago, and was helped by a fellow forum member, so I'm passing it on.

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