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    Update table with date field using table with date range

    Elaine Neumann

      I am new to Tableau. We currently use Micrsoft Access to create reports.  I have a lot of experience with Qlikview as well.  I need to know if the following can be done.  If so, how.


      I have data in a call table that looks like this:            And data in an agent table that looks like this:

      Date           Agent     Calls                                            Agent      Supervisor      Start Date     End Date   

      1/1/2013     12345     100                                             12345     Jim Smith         12/1/2012     1/1/2013

      1/2/2013     12345     150                                             12345     Jane Jones       1/2/2013       1/31/2013


      Is there a way in Tableu to join these together to get:

      Date           Agent     Calls    Supervisor on that date       Current Supervisor

      1/1/2013     12345     100     Jim Smith                               Jane Jones

      1/2/2013     12345      150    Janes Jones                           Jane Jones 


      We have a lot of information like this.  Things change over time and we need to be able to update data based on a date range.

      In Access we'd just do an update query in a table and update based on the date being between the start date and end date to get the supervisor at the time. And we'd do other update queries to default to the current supervisor.   Is this going to be possible in Tableau?  Will it take some special programming to do it?  That's ok if it does, I just need to know it's possible.


      Thanks for your time.