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    top 10 + other color

    Robin Goibert



      I would like to show a bar chart, with a field in color, and i would like to keep only the top 10 + other of the field in color.


      I have attached an example.

      In this example, I would like to have the top 10 + other of countries (top 10 by category if possible, otherwise top 10 cross category).


      I have already succeeded top get the top 10 + other when the field to filter is in row (or column), with the index() function. But I can't use index() here. Any idea?


      Moreover, I would like to have the same top 10 + other with a text table. I suppose that the problem is the same (country is in label instead of being in color).


      Thanks a lot in advance for your help

      Best regards,