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    Highlighting on a time-dependant map

    Clare Duxbury

      Good morning Tableau community,


      I am trying to produce a time-lapse report using the Pages function of Tableau 8. I have set up a dashboard that adds data to running totals and dots representing sales to a postcode map on a day by day basis, one entry per sale on the appropriate day; it looks something like this:





      One thing I am trying to do that does not seem to work, is that when a user hovers over a region in the packed bubble, this should highlight the relevant spots on the postcode map. It does this to an extent, but only for the most recent dots added, not for all dots within that region regardless of time.


      Is there a way to arrange for the highlight to ignore time and date, and only to focus on the single field (post code region) it is being asked to highlight?