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    Can I create a combination graph where-in 2 measures are bar and third is a line?


      Hi, I am a complete newbie in tableau. I am a college fresher and have no hands-on experience in any BI tool. The data provided to me has 3 measures and a year attribute.The year attribute is a discrete data set while the other three measures are continuous.

      So here is my question:

      Can I create a view which will have a dual axis in which 2 of the 3 measures will be bar graphs and the 3rd will be a line graph. Also the graph is based on the year(X-axis which means column ri8?)


      I am sorry I cannot provide any workbook as I was advised against it by my Lead.All I can say is the 3 fields can represent anything with respect to monetary.


      The line represents % of the same.

      For eg.



      3-anything u seem fit but should represent %.


      I know this might seem stupid and might have already been answered but I didn't have the time to go through this forums.

      Kindly do help.