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    index function not generating accurate rank

    Bonny McClain

      @@Referring to prior post Index function not generating accurate rank


      Anyone able to figure out how to fix my index function? It should be ranking each drug within the pane (patient ID) but it seems to have a mind of its own. I have selected compute using brand text...my goal is for the brand text to sort according to date started and generate a 1 for earliest drug, 2 for next etc....


      Do I need to sort by date?


      This attached file should be an extract and be able to be opened <<fingers crossed>>


      Thanks for the insights Matt Hosking, Elvis Has Left The Building, and Matthew Hull


      These ranks need to sort at the patient level so the ranks are unique for each patient. Once I get this resolved I want to be able to create parameters that allow filtering of patients on drug x for rank2 etc...




      Message was edited by: Bonny McClain I tried your steps Shawn (thank you but it still didn't sort appropriately once I put start date on column shelf. I am curious if the issue is the frequent start dates (everytime a prescription is filled another start date is generated. Is there a calculated field that can somehow fix this?) Ideas that I have had are bins where I can select the time between membership in each bin to perhaps reflect acceptable pauses between start dates. Matthew Hull's workbook demonstrates exactly what I need I just haven't been able to replicate it with my data...